A Fairy Adventure Begins Here...

A few days ago I took a spontaneous trip with Miss D and Mr. K to Milner Gardens where we had our first Fairy Adventure!! What a beautiful way to spend a hot summer morning!  The tiny fairy houses were hidden throughout the forest and the children were so excited to find them.  Tiny bells and ribbons gave clues to where more little houses could be found, but Miss D didn’t need any help - found them all on her own!  She enjoyed leading the rest of group to the hidden treasures and was a very informative fairy-walk guide.  Mr. K.  had fun exploring little fairy villages and water parks on his own too.  I admired him as he took the time to sit and talk to them.  So precious!! 

A BIG Thank-You to my friends for sharing your kids with me for the day and letting me practice with my new lens! :) Can’t wait untilthe next time!

Miss D - the FIRST Fairy of the Day!  









 Even Fairys have to do the laundry…. 






 Mr. K tries on some wings… 








How to be Fairy Finder

If you’ve ever wanted to find Fairy’s on Vancouver Island, you’ll need to talk the expert: Miss D.  She’ll take you to all the right spots, and knows exactly where they may be hiding. This adventure took place at Milner Gardens last weekend.  She’ll also tell you that the number one mistake most Fairy Hunters make is being much too loud and/or not minding their magical space.  I had a wonderful day with Miss D and looking forward to many more adventures together! 

Yours Truly,







Halloween Greetings from (Shelter Kitty) "Scaredy Cat"!

Took these a few years ago for the MEOW Foundation in Calgary.  No idea how they turned out so good.  It was literally in the middle of the top floor of the shelter, surrounded by cat trees, houses, blankets, and other cats.  There was a big window behind him, and this little guy liked my prop.  What can I say.  I snapped a shot and got these two precious pics.  Didn’t even know I got the crazy “hissing” one till I home.  (Realized later, he must have been yawning…. Completely bored with me he was).  Anyhow, Enjoy!  And don’t forget to foster or donate to a shelter if you can!  Volunteers work hard and those animals deserve a home…. 

Your fellow animal lover,

This is Why I do Boudoir Sessions

A lot of people ask why I do boudoir sessions, and my response is always this: “To convince women how beautiful they really are.”  And, I like to back up my statements with photos like these!  

There’s a lot of pressure out there to look like the celebrities and supermodels (that often don’t even look like they do on magazine covers themselves), but I often say, I’m levelling the playing field, by getting professional makeup artists and hairstylists and then spend a couple hours playing around with my camera.  It’s a fantastic day and of course the photos in a beautiful black album make a great birthday or anniversary gift for a special someone too!! 

If you would like to book your own makeover and boudoir session, check out my website and pricing at www.astoriaphotography.ca  Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 


Hair | Aida Salon
Makeup | Michell McLean


AST_1462 copy.jpg


Kiwi Cove Lodge!

It’s good thing I like Kiwis… There are TONS of kiwis here!  I had no idea so many different kinds of kiwis grew here on the island, just a few kilometers from my house!  I’m so lucky!!

But, that’s not the reason I was here.  I was asked to take photos of the exterior of the lodge and try to capture the “breadth” of the building.  It really is HUGE and it’s hard to see in photos just how big of a building it is.  With a large eating area and 10 rooms plus owners residence, it’s big and busy!  The hosts were so kind as to let me use their ladders, and we borrowed a few friends to sit out on the patio to show a small dining experience. I also photographed their Executive Suite and Romance Room.  

Enjoy the photos, and if you need a place to stay close to Ladysmith or Nanaimo, check out the Kiwi Cove Lodge… 


B&B/Real Estate Photo packages start at $395.  Include grounds, building, kitchen, 2 baths, 2 rooms, living areas.   Check out my website at: www.astoriaphotography.ca





























A Lifestyle/Pinup Session with the Gorgeous Miss Iris!

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the beautiful Miss Iris!  She was looking for images to revamp her new business and website, but… she wanted professional photos with a Pinup Twist.  I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me, that we got those!  Her whole spirit just shines through, and those eyes!  So clear and blue.  She’s such a beautiful person, both inside an out.  It was an honour to photograph her, and a fun day for me too!   

The last pic is a teaser from the boudoir portion of her session.  More of those coming soon… (maybe) :) 

It was also the first time working with Michell McLean of Balance Spa here in Nanaimo.  Michell did an amazing job for skincare and makeup (Love it when I get to work with someone new -AND awesome!)  And, it was also a first Astoria session with Erin from Aida Hair Salon.   Thanks Ladies! 

Enjoy the photos, and if you too are looking for new, fun photos to revamp your business with something orginal -and YOU - don’t hesitate to check out my website at: www.astoriaphotography.ca   Package start at $395 and include professional hair & makeup and 10 retouched images to get you started.  

Enjoy and looking forward to hearing from you soon!













ok, And this one is for someone special….  Shhhhhhhh :) 


Amazing North Nanaimo Home Renovation by Michael Parker

Seems like we’re not the only couple doing a complete reno this year! Check out this beautiful craftsmanship by contractor, Michael Parker.  Everything in this North Nanaimo home has been updated, reconstructed, renewed or painted!  The wait was well worth it for fellow Albertans who also recently moved to the island to “Relax”! 

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph such a gorgeous home.  Best part was, I was adopted by small helper named Jack!





























































Micheal Parker Renovation - Before & Afters

Wow!  I’m so impressed with the work of Micheal Parker! He contacted me a few weeks ago to take photos of a recent renovation he’d finished.  When he said it might be difficult to take before and after, he was right!  There were so many walls that were moved (or removed) it was hard to see the comparison.  Hopefully, the below will give you an idea of all the changes. And, his work is phenomenal!  Anyone in the Nanaimo area looking for a contractor - he’s the one to call! The finishing was outstanding.  


Before Photos: Courtesy of VIREB  


A Boudoir Afternoon with Saucy Miss S!

It all started with a great consulation!  

Miss S and I got together a few weeks before her session to discuss ideas, clothing (or lack thereof), hair and makeup and prop ideas.  It was a different style shoot than what I’m used to, as there wasn’t any Vintage Glamour involved - just a whole lot of “Sassy/Sexy” photos!  This challenge was good for me as I was able to try some new techniques and work on more images for my boudoir folio.  A lot of her ideas came from magazines such as Maxim, Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret, which is definitely more revealing than my signature Pinup style!  Scary too at first, but I think we nailed it on a few of these below.  So proud of her!  
Miss S did an amazing job modelling and sneaking hubby’s items out of the house so we could secretely incorporate them into the photos.  So much fun!  

Thank-you Miss S!  Hope you enjoy your photos and calendar for years to come. Can’t wait to see you again soon! 

Hair & Makeup by Melanie Corrigall.  For more information or to create your own unique photoshoot package, visit our website at: www.astoriaphotography.ca or call Linka at (250) 816-5863

Lifestyle Photos with Miss Shari!

Thank you Miss Shari for the pleasure of taking your photos!  

So honoured to have the famous Shari Molchan in my home studio!  Shari is an amazing Money Coach and has written books on how to deal with your relationship with money.  Not only is she a busy, prominent business woman here on Vancouver Island, but she takes time out of her busy schedule to be the president of Nanaimo Business Woman’s Network!  And that’s where yours truly met her.  A true supporter of her ladies, she called me for photos when she was in the process of rebranding her already sucessful website. 

My task was for “professional - yet fun, beach-type, refreshing, kick-ass photos that would merge nicely with the branding and web-designers colour pallette”.  This is what we came up.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! :) 

Makeup: by Miss Mary Paul
Hair: Shari
Photography: Linka van As | Astoria Photography 
Location: Neck Point Park | North Nanaimo  



Below is my fave!  I’m such a sucker for props! :)